LED Lamp for Operating Room
LED Lamp for Operating Room
LED Lamp for Operating Room
LED Lamp for Operating Room
LED Lamp for Operating Room
LED Lamp for Operating Room


LED Lamp for Operating Room

Evolution, accuracy, and reliability in the operating room

With its constant attention to the evolution of technology and clinical needs and awareness of the responsibility of operating in a sector of such importance as the medical one, ACEM Medical Company (Division of ACEM SpA) is considered a partner for surgeons and medical staff in the OR.
STARLED5 NX, a surgical lamp with LED technology, is born to meet the needs of its user granting optimal performance, reliability, and visual comfort.


Led technology for exclusive performances

STARLED5 NX boasts excellent light quality. The special optics of its LEDs, realized by ACEM, generates a shadowless, clear, and homogeneous light assuring visual comfort and the best working conditions both for the surgeon and the medical staff.
Thanks to its next-generation LEDs, the lamp can produce perfect illumination under every condition generating an IR-free light, an excellent colour temperature and a practically endless life cycle at low consumption.

The 43 LEDs which make the STARLED5 NX are circularly positioned and divided into 5 reflectors (with 7 LEDs each one) and the other 8 LEDs are radially placed around the handle. The lamp produces in this way a high illumination level of 130.000 lux (160.000 lux optional) for a steady life cycle of about 50.000 hours.

ACRIS is the extraordinary and innovative system realized by ACEM that ensures, by the use of a microprocessor, the control of electrical curves typical of LEDs to remain unaltered over time while maintaining a long life cycle. The colour rendering index of STARLED5 NX is 95 and it's colour temperature 4.500°K. These two values allow for the reproduction of the exact chromatic scale of the colours of the human body.

STAR LED5 NX assures:

• high-quality illumination level for each kind of surgery
• colour temperature of 4.500 °K which represents the contrast of the surgical area perfectly
• clear luminosity at 130.000 lux (160.000 lux optional)
• exceptional duration with low consumption (75 W)
• colour rendering index of 95 (CRI)
• IR-free light without heat
• ergonomics for an extraordinary simplicity of use and easy positioning for the medical team
• I–SENSE® revolutionary control system for a simple, fast and precise management



In order to achieve a correct illumination according to the different needs, STARLED5 NX can produce a FOCUSED and AMBIENT light.
Thanks to its special optics realized by ACEM, the light field focusing system adjusts the light spot diameter accurately assuring an excellent sharpness of details in the operating area.

AMBIENT light is managed by the ENDO function.
This technology consents a visual comfort as well as a correct vision of the surrounding environment thanks to its particular light beam
coming from the upper part of the lamp.
STARLED5 NX is particularly suitable for minimally invasive surgery and is ideal for the preparation and treatment during the operation, monitoring of the patient and microscope operations.

Technical Features

Product Class (EN 60601-2-41) I
Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC 10%
Power Consumption 75 W
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Light Source LEDs
Average Life 50.000 HRS about
Lighting at the centre - EC at 100 CM 130.000 lux - 160.000 lux optional
Intensity adjustment From 5 % to 100 %
Colour Temperature / CCT 4.500 k
Variable Coolor temperature From 3700 k to 4700 k - Continuous (Optional)
Colour Rendering Index, Ra 95
Index R9 > 90
Chromatically Coordinates x = 0.365 / y = 0.370
Like Field Size 24 - 33 cm
Focusable Working Distance 70 - 150 cm
Lighting Depth L1 + L2 (20 %) 114 cm
Lighting Depth L1 + L2 (60 %) 64 cm

Dimension / Weight and futher data

Light Head Weight 12 KG
Light Head Diameter 67 CM
Low Ceiling Height Arm - LCH Optional
Handle Removable and sterilizable
Colour White RAL 9002


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