From 30 May until 1 June 2023, Schinkels attended APHM International Healthcare Conference and Exhibition 2023 as an exhibitor. The APHM International Healthcare Conference and Exhibition, slated to take place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, brings together a voluntary association of private hospitals and medical centers in Malaysia. Organized by the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM), this prominent event serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing the latest advancements in healthcare. With over 153 members, APHM represents a diverse and influential network of healthcare providers dedicated to delivering quality care and driving innovation in the industry.

This article highlights some of the exciting activities done by Schinkels Technik at APHM2023 and how they contribute to enhancing engagement, fostering partnerships, and driving business growth:

  • Mutual of Understanding Ceremony
    Mutual of Understanding (MOU) ceremony between Schinkels and MSU Medical Center (MSUMC)  had been conducted during this event. This ceremony serves as a platform for Schinkels and MSUMC to strengthen their relationships, showcase their dedication to the industry, and foster collaboration. We are hoping that this can lead to strategic alliances, joint ventures, and mutually beneficial initiatives that drive growth and innovation in the healthcare sector.
  • Lucky Draw
    The lucky draw successfully created a buzz around the exhibition floor, attracting potential customers and creating a memorable experience for attendees. Some of the lucky draw gifts were discount up to 15% for selected products, extended warranty for available products and free Planned Preventative Maintenance service. 
  • Product Free-Trials
    Schinkels also provided Product Free-Trials, exclusively our Online Monitoring Trigger Alarm System (OMTAS). This activity enables potential customers to fully understand the benefits, features, and value of the products. By providing trial opportunities, exhibitors build trust, gather feedback, and address any questions or concerns attendees may have. The product free trials demonstrate confidence in the quality and effectiveness of exhibitors' offerings, fostering engagement and driving sales conversions during and after the event.

    The dynamic activities available at APHM2023, including lucky draws, product and free trials, and mutual understanding ceremonies contribute to an engaging and fruitful exhibitor experience. These activities not only create excitement and attract attendees but also foster meaningful interactions, lead generation, and potential business collaborations. By leveraging these activities, exhibitors can establish themselves as industry leaders, showcase their offerings, and build long-lasting relationships within the healthcare community. APHM2023 offers exhibitors a platform to thrive, innovate, and drive growth in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

03 Oct 2023